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We deliver software to more effectively help everyone achieve their best health.

Vitrics Health offers one of the only complete turnkey RPM systems in the industry.  Our Care Team of medical professionals provide live vital sign monitoring, compliance encouragement, 24 hour clinical staff support, and documentation.  In the event of an exacerbation or trending concern your providers will be notified for intervention and care management.  We never take over patient care or direct patient resources outside of returning to your practice for follow-up E/M visits.

  • AFFORDABLE: for any provider or payer organization
  • FAST: can be deployed in weeks, not years
  • SIMPLE: easy to use for consumers and care professionals on any computer or smartphone
  • EFFECTIVE: at helping improve consumer health status and customer economics
  • OPEN: integration with electronic health record, claims processing, and other systems
  • COMPLEMENTARY: helping care providers and consumers achieve more while spending less

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