Vitrics Health

Plans and pricing

All standard plans include a 30-day no risk trial to ensure you have the Vitrics solution that is right for you. 

Vitrics Health offers one of the only complete turnkey RPM systems in the industry.  Our Care Team of medical professionals provide live vital sign monitoring, compliance encouragement, 24 hour clinical staff support, and documentation.  In the event of an exacerbation or trending concern your providers will be notified for intervention and care management.  We never take over patient care or direct patient resources outside of returning to your practice for follow-up E/M visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you are based in the United States or otherwise subject to HIPAA. The BAA is incorporated into the Agreement 1bios will provide prior to providing you access to the Vitrics Services. This will protect you from accidentally putting Protected Health Information or “PHI” into the Vitrics system without a BAA (or international equivalent).

Yes — Vitrics is a cloud-based service delivered via web browsers world-wide, and is available to organizations outside of the United States.

Yes, we have a Managed Device Service to simplify logistics and and costs.

Yes, we have many successful partnerships with partner organizations -- as well as many purpose built features to support these organizations (e.g. white-labeling for both the provider portal and the optional patient/consumer facing portal)

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