Vitrics Health

Automated Virtual Care Timers
For CCM, RPM, and More.

Automatically track every minute of non face to face time providing virtual care — by patient, care provider, and task. Use real time metrics to increase revenue, save time, reduce risk, and improve outcomes.

Product Features

Drop the spreadsheets and work-around solutions. Get purpose built software that will save you time and money. Vitrics Health Virtual Care Timer features include:

Automated Time Tracking

Ensure every second of virtual care time spent on CCM, RPM and other programs is automatically tracked. Time spent by any care provider will be automatically assigned to the patient/consumer. Timed care will be accurately assigned by patient, care provider and task.

Timely Billing Reports

Receive monthly billing reports with patient demographics and billing codes to be submitted for reimbursement.

Virtual Care Efficiency Reports

View dashboards and run reports that help your organization provide the best possible care to the most patients with a given set of resources. For example, in a given time period, know how many total Patients each Care Pro engaged, the average virtual care time spent per patient, compare to aggregate organizational averages, and more.

Audit and HIPAA Protection

Ensure that if your organization is audited by CMS or another party regarding virtual care you have a detailed record of care provided by whom and when and for what purpose that is stored in a secure and redundant manner that is impervious to any locally lost/destroyed computers or devices.

Track Time from any Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Device

Ensure your care professionals can automate time tracking from any desktop, phone, or tablet device and that time tracking is automatically synced regardless of which device was used to track time and from where and from which care professional.

Integrate Vitrics with Other Systems

Exchange data automatically between Vitrics and your EHR, practice management, billing, claims or other systems. Stay in sync with multiple cost efficient and effective approaches.

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