Vitrics Health

Vitrics Health DDM Solutions give your team and patients powerful and affordable telehealth tools.

With Vitrics Health DDM, you  choose which condition(s), connected devices, and care protocols to apply and whether to use your existing team or enhance with Vitrics Health Care Partner staff.

Here’s how we’ll add value to your Disease Management program:

Support Multiple Conditions on a Single Platform

Ensure your organization can offer digitally enhanced diabetes, hypertension, cardiac rehab, and other programs from a single platform and unified dashboard.

Choose from Modern Cellular Devices

Make it inexpensive to enroll anyone in your DDM program(s) using the most popular devices.

Automate Care Task Assignment and Compliance

Efficiently manage large populations of DDM participants according to daily adherence to their care plan tasks.

Schedule A Demo

Choose 30 minutes for a virtual meeting to learn more about Vitrics Health DDM Solutions.